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After 20 years of general headhunting, Thibaud decided to focus more directly on the world of craftsmen, artists, exceptional know-how and the art of living. So he set up Elzéar Luxe et Savoir-Faire d’Exception.

Genuine luxury has to be earned, sought out over a long period of time, by chance encounter or long quest.

Beyond his taste for the beautiful and the authentic, undoubtedly rooted in his childhood spent in a Directoire house designed by Percier & Fontaine, then magnified by a disciple of Balthus, what Thibaud seeks in each of Elzéar’s missions is the search for the exceptional, the very rare, the untraceable. Untraceable because often humble, hidden, not seeking the light. The exceptional craftsman, like the artist, often lives in seclusion in his workshop, in constant concentration.

This proximity to the world of creation galvanizes Thibaud and mobilizes the Elzéar team to produce searches for rare candidates. As Pascal teaches us, “They don’t know that it’s only the hunt, not the catch, that they’re after”, so every mission is a quest, every victory a joy, and every joy the assurance that the best is yet to come!



A graduate of EDHEC, Sarah joined Elzéar in 2012 and trained in headhunting, after initial experience in FMCG marketing. She has carried out a number of direct recruitment
assignments, mainly for large industrial companies.

This experience has enabled her to understand the strategic challenges and needs of clients, both in engineering professions (production and design office posts) and in sales and support functions (purchasing, HR), as well as for senior management posts (mainly CEOs and CFOs).

For more than 10 years, her work with Elzéar has focused on supporting family-run industrial SMEs and ETIs, ‘hidden champions’ with excellent know-how, and Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV), whose entrepreneurial adventures are demanding, local, family-run and have an impact on their native soil. As an ambassador for these companies to candidates, she knows how to attract the best people!



After a Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Social Administration and a Master’s degree in International Relations, Marie also trained in A2P analysis, to acquire the expertise needed to discern a person’s natural talents and draw lessons from them for the question of her professional commitment.

She joined Elzéar in 2018 fascinated by the alliance between the refinement and elegance of the luxury sector and artisanal know-how, the fruit of a skilful blend of heritage and innovation. Marie specializes in the recruitment of senior executives in this sector.

Her sensitivity and experience at Elzéar enable her to identify the best talents who embody the excellence of luxury. Marie has an in-depth understanding of the luxury and craft trades, enabling her to offer tailor-made recruitment solutions, contributing to the reputation of prestigious brands.

She speaks English, Spanish and Italian.

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