Luxury is a French tradition embodying know-how that is envied around the world.

Four French brands placed among the top ten in the Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2019 ranking of the world’s 100 leading luxury companies. Combined, these companies generated US$250 billion in annual revenue in FY2017.

Nine of France’s luxury companies accounted for one quarter of the combined annual revenue of the top 100 players, generating an average US$8.3 billion each in annual revenue.
In comparison, 24 of Italy’s luxury companies ranked in the top 100, with average annual revenue of US$1.4 billion each. China and Japan hold strong positions, behind the United States and Switzerland.

Since Elzéar was founded, we have successfully placed more than 200 candidates in luxury companies, helping them to either maintain or establish their leadership.


Elzéar Luxe & Retail was born of two firm beliefs: Elzéar Executive Search has been recognised since 2007 as a key player in direct approach recruiting serving the luxury sector and companies specialising in traditional craftsmanship.

Because today’s employers face fierce competition to attract the best talent within often very tight deadlines, the partners at Elzéar decided to create a team exclusively dedicated to the luxury industry, where candidate searches require granular knowledge of the sector as well as soft skills and discretion.

Our expertise


  • General Management
  • Manufacturing, Know-How
  • Design
  • Finance
  • Sales, Marketing
  • Digital
  • Procurement, Logistics
  • Projects, Research, Innovation
  • Legal


  • Fashion, Haute Couture
  • Leather Goods
  • Beauty, Cosmetics, Fragrance
  • Selective Retail
  • Lifestyle Accessories, Home Furnishings
  • Gastronomy, Tableware
  • Living Heritage Companies
  • Jewellery, Watches


Elzéar Luxe & Retail draws on the Elzéar Group’s extensive know-how when it comes to identifying and qualifying talent in France and abroad. Using this process, we are able to provide a candidate shortlist within four to six weeks on average. The candidate files we provide to our clients give a detailed view of each individual’s career path coupled with our own analysis of his or her profile. Throughout the search, we send a weekly progress report to our client.
Detailed, consultative analysis of the client’s industry, culture and organisation; desire to gain a deeper understanding of each client by digging beneath the surface.
Complete review of the position to be filled and of the ideal candidate’s profile; creation of search guidelines.
Mapping of the organisations most likely to offer the best candidates.
Methodical – and confidential if necessary – contact with potential candidates or with contacts able to point us to the best candidates.
Assessment interviews with identified candidates that go beyond professional skills to focus on finer details and soft skills.
Creation of candidate files based on due diligence and referrals.
Coordination of candidate interviews with the various client representatives; professional references obtained for the finalist(s) and assistance provided during the final negotiation phase.
Contract signing support and follow-up of the newly hired candidate’s integration and development during the first year on the job.


Elzéar Luxe & Retail has been putting its executive search experience to work for luxury brands since 2007.

Excellence, international reach and an entrepreneurial spirit are the cornerstones of success for any company specialising in luxury, and recruiting top talent is a strategic component of this success.

To fully understand the DNA of our clients and their ideal candidates, Elzéar draws inspiration from the values described by Jean Giono in his novella The man who planted trees. These include humility, perseverance, a results-oriented culture and commitment to long-term relationships.
Guided by these values, we conduct candidate searches targeting rare, highly sought-after profiles in demanding, often confidential sectors.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in the pragmatic, forthcoming, agile and creative methods we employ.

At Elzéar, each team member is keenly interested in traditional craftsmanship professions. This has earned Elzéar Luxe & Retail appreciation for its ability to detect and distinguish emerging talent.